07 Jul 2010
Answer to the Column: “We Are Waiting for an Answer from the Official”
Dear and Most Respected Brother Moanes Mahmoud Al-Murdi, Editor-in-Chief of Al Bilad newspaper.

Dear and Most Respected Brother Moanes Mahmoud Al-Murdi, Editor-in-Chief of Al Bilad newspaper. 

God's peace, mercy and blessing be upon you.

I have followed with great interest what was written in your newspaper, issue No. 630, July 6, 2010, in the section titled “Waiting for an Answer from the Official”. The remarks made by the person interested in political affairs have been directed to the President of the Board of Trustees of the Bahrain Institute for Political Development.

The fact that you published the citizen’s remarks is a proof of your concern for the interests of this beloved country on the one hand, and for the Institute, its development and progress on the other hand, to keep it functioning according to the desired vision, specific goals and the role it was assigned or which is   supposed to assume in the Bahraini society.

The Board of Trustees of the Bahrain Institute for Political Development, which was established under the Royal Decree of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, No. (50) of 2009 on November 20, 2009, includes prominent figures who have won the confidence of the wise leadership. 

It is an ambitious board that seeks to educate the Bahraini citizen on the role of the Institute and its importance on scientific and solid foundations. 

Accordingly, the Board of Trustees has recently approved a strategic plan for 2010 targeting all members of Bahraini society at all levels, aiming to raise political awareness among the citizens, support the municipal and parliamentary experience and promoting and disseminating the culture of dialogue and exchange of opinion.

The Bahrain Institute for Political Development has drawn up plans and programs of action commensurate with the great political movement being witnessed by the Kingdom of Bahrain. The plan has three levels; short-, medium- and long-term, each tries to meet the requirements of every phase of this movement.

That is why the executive management is fully committed to the action plan of the Institute which was adopted by the Board of Trustees. 

In its first phase of implementation, the plan includes a range of programs, seminars and workshops related to the biggest and the most important event in the current period, the parliamentary and municipal elections scheduled for the last quarter of this year. This is what explains our focus during the current period on the organization of events related to the elections affairs.

The Bahrain Institute for Political Development has organized a number of activities and workshops focusing on the aspects of political, theoretical and practical culture, primarily relating to the parliamentary and municipal elections.

All of these aspects aim to qualify all the constituent elements of the electoral process and improve the inputs, outputs and election campaigns to better levels which will undoubtedly reflect a true picture of the democratic atmosphere experienced by the Kingdom of Bahrain in the era of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

All these events were organized with the broad participation of politicians and activists working in the electoral field and media specialists. All the events were announced in various local media, and the participation was available to all individuals and institutions of civil society.

 As for the medium and long-term plans, their aim is, in general, to achieve the targets set for the Institute as contained in the Royal Decree that established it, based on investing in Bahrain's human development as the main basic axis for the overall development according to the Royal vision of the reform project.

Future plans include a range of activities and programs which target all the groups interested in political affairs as well as youth and women. 

The programs include seminars, workshops, lectures, foreign visits, action research and studies, which will be channeled to help achieve the goals for which the Institute was established. 

The programs will work to support and develop the strategic skills for all segments of the people of Bahrain, and will contribute to the training of the staff of the institutions of civil society, members of the Shura Council, the House of Representatives and municipal councils, youth sectors and all government institutions.

Since we have had the opportunity through your newspaper, we hope that we get the desired positive cooperation of all related parties, which will certainly enable the Institute to achieve its plans and strategies in the foreseeable future, and to continue to impact in the long run. 

All this is because we see that the Institute and all other related parties make up an integrated and coherent ring that cannot be separated.

The local media - including your newspaper which is one of the most important pillars of the local media along with the other local newspapers –is one of those actors we hope to continue cooperating with so that together we can achieve the wise Royal desire and vision of His Majesty King Hamad thanks to whom the Bahrain Institute for Political Development has been established to assume the role ascribed to it as the King wanted it to be with the concerted efforts of us all.

 My sincere thanks to you and to any loyal patriotic citizen for your initiative and inquiry about the conditions of the Institute.

Please accept my most sincere respect and gratitude,

Nabil Ben YaqoobAl Hamer

Chairman of the Board of Trustees