17 Aug 2010
BIPD inaugurates the second phase of the 2010 elections training program.
The Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) will inaugurate the second phase of the parliamentary and municipal elections programme next Saturday.

The Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) will inaugurate the second phase of the parliamentary and municipal elections programme next Saturday.

It will start with lectures for President of Chourouk Center for Democracy, Information and Human Rights, Mohamed Aujjar, Former Minister of Human Rights and Member of the “Rassemblement National des Indépendants” in the Kingdom of Morocco”.

The BIPD Executive Director Dr. Issa Al Khayat said that the BIPD multi-dimensional action plan focuses this year on parliamentary and municipal elections. “

It is a comprehensive programme the purpose of which is to raise people’s awareness of elections and it includes specialized workshops and educational seminars designed to bring about a qualitative change in the electoral campaign in terms of candidate profile, voter’s choice and how both candidates and voters would perform their roles in a good manner, he remarked.

Al Khayat explained that the first part of the program has put emphasis on improving candidates’ personal, political and organizational qualities, working primarily on awareness training for both candidates and campaign leaders and giving it most attention. 

“The workshops also dealt with various topics such as how to prepare a successful electoral programme, the methods and arts of communicating with voters, and the kinds of media coverage that will be used in the elections, “ he added..

Al Khayat also confirmed that training paid special attention to using advanced technologies in election campaigns, which allows a faster and more intensive interaction between the candidate and the voters. 

“The workshops dealt with legal culture and how candidates should master the methods of electoral action in adherence to laws and regulations, and avoid irregularities and election crimes.”

In addition, he said, the workshops dealt with ways of raising candidates’ awareness of the constitutional and administrative system, under the umbrella of which the elections in the Kingdom of Bahrain are to take place.

The Bahrain Institute for Political Development insisted on implementing the first part of its programme that was fully achieved in the first week of August by inviting experts and specialists interested in elections, and those who have run election campaigns in a few Arab countries and met worldwide appraisal.

Dr. Al Khayat touched on the second part of the program which will focus on the most important aspect in the electoral process. It is of course the voter who will choose the representatives of both the parliament and municipal councils, with all the expected impact on the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of the sustainable development process in the Kingdom.

 The Bahrain Institute for Political Development will host renowned competent popular and official figures in spreading political development and the culture of democracy and human rights in the Arab world and relevant international institutions.

Concerning the second phase of the parliamentary and municipal elections, Dr. Issa Al Khayat said that “political awareness is one of the finest but most complex forms of consciousness and political awareness plays a crucial role in compelling the candidates to respect the views of their voters, suggest sound programs and convincing speeches that address voters’ issues wherever they are in Bahrain and not as individuals or members of a given constituency. 

Therefore political awareness and the Voter’s Choice will be the theme of the first seminar in the second part of the programme which will be given by eminent personality in the field of human rights, Mr. Mohamed Aujjar, Former Moroccan Minister of Human Rights and current Chairman of Al Chourouk Center for Democracy, Information and Human Rights.

 The seminar will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 9 pm and 

On the following Saturday evening.

Another seminar “women’s role in political participation”,  to be held in Ramadan and address female voters which could affect election results considerably, will be secured by Lecturer Dr. Badriya Al Awadi from Kuwait. 

On September 22, a seminar on the role of young voters in parliamentary elections targeting young people will be secured by Kuwaiti MP, Marzooq Al Ghanim. 

A lecture titled “The Elections and Political Alliances” will be presented on October 6, 2010, by former Minister of Youth and former member of the BIPD Board of Trustees, Taher Hekmat, who is currently a member of the Jordanian Senate. 

Al Khayat drew the attention to the fact that the previous workshops were conducted for a limited number of beneficiaries and participants had to subscribe in advance.

However, both conferences and lectures of the current phase are targeting the voters and therefore will be open to all the citizens, he noted, recommending that all citizens should attend the activities to avail of all of them.