Nadia Turki
Nadia Turki
Arab journalist and poet

Nadia Turki is an Arab journalist and poet who lives in Britain and holds the British nationality. She writes in three languages and has an excellent command of both French and English.

She is currently working for the international newspaper "Middle East" and is in charge of the political section. She has conducted interviews with Arab and international personalities in various fields (such as Benazir Bhutto-Yemeni Prime Minister- former Libyan Prime Minister, NATO president, Tunisian President, former Portuguese President, the British Minister for the Middle East, and several officials and experts from the United Nations as well as international organizations and universities from all over the world. She participates in several radio and television programs on a regular basis, and is hosted as a political analyst mainly by ‘BBC Arabic’. She continuously participates in programs on BBC Arabic in London especially "7 Days", "Open Agenda" and “Talk Time ".

She holds a university degree in production and direction of television programs and news from the University of Middlesex, London. She obtained a graduate degree in translation from Westminster, London and another from the Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences (audio-visual) - the Arab University of Sciences in Tunis.

Experience in Media Training:
Since she started working with the newspaper ‘Al-Arab’, she was entrusted with the training of junior and newly-recruited journalists and media student trainees in the newspaper. She is in charge of a special training program to prepare professional journalists, which reflects all that she has learned over many years of practice in the media field. She conducts workshops in various Arab countries and in the Diplomatic Academy in London.

She is a Journalist in the political section of the newspaper "Middle East". She covers international conferences and seminars from various countries around the world and often conducts exclusive interviews for the newspaper.

She worked with a number of Tunisian newspapers and then MBC TV. She also worked later with Arab Radio and Television (Office of Tunisia) through a program called "Mishwar", a cultural program that depends on conducting interviews with literary writers and artists. After moving to London, she worked for the newspaper "Al-Arab" then moved to work for the magazine "Sayyidati” Madam and then worked as editor in the Arab Telegraph newspaper.

Literary activities:
She is Poet and has published a poetry book entitled “The Vision" and a set of children's stories. She has literary works that used to be published on a daily basis in "Al-Arab" newspaper under the title “Reflections of a woman “.

She is working on the recording of an audio poetry book and has also participated in a number of poetry readings in London, and in the Arab world.