BIPD Statement

The National Contest for the Activation of Child Rights in School Environment, launched by the Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) continues its role in the advancement of the Institute’s mission and its lofty goals in raising awareness of children's rights in embodiment of the prominent position of human rights in the reform project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain may God protect him.

The idea of the contest emanates from the commitment of the Institute to fulfilling its responsibility and playing its full role in the local community, through activation of the principle of community partnership and interaction with all public and private bodies to raise awareness of the importance of the child rights law and highlight the care and protection of children.

This law guarantees the rights of the child at different stages of his/her age, and helps them become more aware and cognizant of a law passed to protect them and ensure that all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and law are being observed.

No one can deny the role being played by the school in the education and socialization process, as the school is an educational and social institution entrusted with the task of educating and instilling values in young generations. 

Consequently, the partnership between the BIPD and schools has become necessary to build bridges with our students and contribute to making the school environment an important stage during which they can be provided with the needed awareness of their rights and duties as per the stipulations of the Child Act and thus reap positive gains in terms of behavior and daily exercise.

The issuance of the Child Act represented a new achievement added to the Kingdom of Bahrain's record of achievements in the field of the conservation and protection of the rights of its citizens and residents. Indeed, the Child Act represents a legal framework within which we can work to create the appropriate conditions needed for the correct upbringing of children in all areas towards the preparation of promising generations in Bahrain, able to access the future with confidence and determination and contribute effectively to the awakening and development process in the Kingdom.

The BIPD has always been interested in the awareness-raising side within its responsibility in promoting and strengthening the political and legal culture in its broad sense to raise awareness and positive behavior among all segments of society including children.

The great success of the contest in its first version in terms of massive participation, interest and interaction on the part of schools and students of various educational stages and in terms of  the positive impact manifested in the development of students awareness of their rights as part of the broad commitment of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the maintenance and protection of human rights,  has represented a source of  motivation for the BIPD  to go ahead with this annual project and even double its efforts and seek new innovative tools and methods to raise awareness of the importance of the Child Law.

 This stems from BIPD desire to activate the law provisions that give priority to the protection of children in all matters relating to their life affairs.

It is a great pleasure and pride to see the contest achieve greater success and evolve year after year. Indeed, this year’s competition has received a larger school participation, with the participation children of both sexes from 60 schools and from all academic levels in addition to the variety of events related to arts and fine arts, such as novels, photography and design,  painting,  project work, leaflets, writing articles and plays, music and poetry.

All this allows for the students to come up with plenty of creativity and free expression which enhances their sense of national belonging and awareness of human rights.

We are also very proud of the pivotal role of all our partners - students, teachers, schools, educators, administrators and referees, the organizing committees and officials of the Ministry of Education who have greatly contributed to the success of this national event. 

We also extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of them for their effective and active contribution to the revitalization of school life so as to allow the child to be active and interactive in his school, and provide them with chances to practice activities that embody citizenship and human rights, enhance co-existence and tolerance and encourage innovation, excellence and creativity for the sake of a homeland where everyone enjoys a decent life.

Dr. Yasser Al Alawi

Executive Director

Bahrain Institute for Political Development