BIPD Statement

BIPD shall organize the third edition of the "Child Rights National Competition" based on its unwavering belief in the competition objectives and the achievements established in the previous two editions. The Competition seeks to further promote and instill the values of national belonging and to increase awareness of the Child rights throughout the different school phases in the Kingdom of Bahrain in terms of education, ethics and real practices.

 BIPD studiousness and care of both the young and youth segments stem from its sense of responsibility and objectives aimed to develop the community different segments awareness being age wise, educational and social with a developed and enlightened homeland with both the national and democratic principles that are deep-rooted in the reform project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The Kingdom endorsed an advanced law that supports and promotes the rights of child, namely: Law No. (37) for 2012, which consists of 69 articles. The Law is regarded as a modern achievement by the Kingdom of Bahrain that underscores the Kingdom's keen interest to safeguard and nurture the adequate environment to up bring children in all fields.

Educating and increasing the awareness of school students, as well as introducing them at this early stage in life to the law on child rights, endeavor to protect them from the various risks, develop their sense of responsibility and belonging by virtue of providing them with additional knowledge that paves the way for further openness to  social surroundings, motivate their positive participation in all undertakings that support and develop the homeland; all of which are the noble objectives which BIPD endeavors to achieve by organizing this annual event at schools.

The third edition of the competition gained additional maturity and development this year being attested by the increasing number of participating students, an issue that reflects certainty in the significant role played by the competition in terms of the technical and educational components that aim to developing students creativity, instilling national concepts and belonging, tolerance, honest competition, and self-development of the coming generations.  

The appreciation received by the "Child Rights National Competition", both officially and at the popular level; in addition to the constructive cooperation within the one team spirit with the Education Ministry motivate us to continue developing the various components of this national initiative, whereas it consists of different artistic and literary elements such as drawing, poetry, theater, photography, speech writing and reciting.  

We are hopeful this competition will contribute to preparing a modern school environment, and a new generation capable of adopting the values and culture of citizenship, as well as human rights in a tolerant society that further promotes the status of the State of law.